Our Impact

Dos Bosco Children Project

We believe that with equal opportunities young teenagers can develop their full potential, awakens in them a greater desire to live and be happy, and therefore add to the construction of a better society.

Don Bosco Children Project is a social non-profit work, where Salesians and laity combine wills to offer alternatives and development opportunities for young and adolesentes that because of abandonment, poverty or violence are at high risk.

In the centers of attention of Don Bosco Children Project we provide services such as: food, health, recreation and education, thus, contribute to the lives of adolescent and young people who we attend the opportunity to develop equality of opportunities.  

Over the course of 56 years we have achieved with the help of good samaritans, serving more than 80, 000 teenagers and young people, many of them who are now honest citizens.


Web: www.ninosdonbosco.org 

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